Our Story

We are a team of highly passionate individuals who love style and breathe fashion. It is our belief that every individual should proudly share his passion and personality with the world, and that socks provide the perfect canvas to showcase character. Be it food or tech, games or travel, points or stripes, YOU serve as our inspiration to greet each day with the goal of expressing what we all love to the world around us. We are trendsetters, weirdos, foodies, and geeks. We are ICONIC.



Brand Manager

When fashionable neckties became popular a few years back, I thought “Why not fun socks?”

I ran this idea through all my friends and they all laughed at me saying there was no way they would wear socks with bacon and eggs printed on them! I decided not to push through with the idea since the market clearly wasn’t ready for such a radical product.

As years passed, my guy friends started asking me if we sell colored, striped, or printed socks. Those little signs told me that men were finally on their way to accepting my crazy idea.

We finally launched Iconic Socks in late August 2014 and guess what, bacon and eggs turned out to be our bestseller!